Website Conversion Strategies From the Big Name Brands for Your Small Business

“Tap into know-how that has helped produce over a million dollars in sales, plus 125,000 website views and counting for local businesses.”

- Evan Sanchez, Founder of Pagebait

Our Services

Conversion Funnels

This is our bread-and-butter! A conversion funnel is an essential piece to any business online. It’s a journey thoughtfully designed to urge your visitors from your website, search, or social media to take action.

Website Design

Websites shouldn’t just be a get your information a go type of situation. It’s a tool that should be making your business money! We design them from the ground up to tell your story and showcase your brand.

Live Chat

Be there for your customers online in real-time! Live chat is designed to create a bridge with your website visitors when they are feeling lost, or need answers to their questions. A perfect companion for any website.

Paid Traffic

Getting eyes on your business is harder now than ever before. Paying for it makes it easier. We believe in capturing people’s attention where they are already looking. On Facebook, Instagram, & Google.

Analysis & Strategy

We work to identify the drop-off points on your website or funnel, and even research the competition. Once identified, we compile a comprehensive strategy designed to help increase your online conversions.


Not sure that a full service solution is right for you? Or, already have a team in place but need a little guidance? No worries, we can help give you the direction you need to convert more traffic at a higher rate.


Past Results

A small budget is no excuse for small results!

Facebook Ad Case Study #1
(Approximately $50 Budget)


Facebook Ad Case Study #2
(Approximately $140 Budget)


Our focus is your business, and actual results. We don’t settle. Period.

Because of that, we have sought out and learned the strategies of some of the BIGGEST companies and marketers in the world like Google, Facebook, Squarespace, ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson, Tai Lopez, Gary Vaynerchuck, and many more!

We are tirelessly testing, experimenting, and optimizing our methods to stay ahead of market to get you the best ROI possible.

By lifting the performance of your website and the marketing to it, we aim to pay for ourselves within the first few months of working together.

Yes… we just said that!

This Isn’t A Get Rich Quick Agency

Let’s make sure we’re on the same page beforehand.


There are a massive amount of agencies that promise to make your business money, fast. If this is something you are looking for then we should go our separate ways now because that is not what Pagebait is about.

Our agency is mindful of the business owners who are willing to invest the time and money required to build and grow a real brand targeted to their ideal customer. The days of putting together a simple mission statement, running a bunch of paid ads, and increasing sales 30-120% are over.

The winning businesses will be the ones who strategically use their brand to create relationships, build a community, and maximize the lifetime value of the customer.

Thus, we only take-on a limited number of clients at any one time. This allows us to give each and every business we work with the attention and respect it deserves.



“Fantastic service and results! As a Realtor, I have worked with Pagebait for consulting, to optimize my social media for organic traffic. I would highly recommend this company to grow your business successfully!”

- Amber, Keller Williams Realty

“Evan has been pivotal in establishing ChiChi & Papa's footprint in and around East Lansing. He acts with a sense of urgency and goes above and beyond in delivering content. His knack for business development complements his expertise in social media marketing and makes for an invaluable addition to your business. 10/10 recommend!!!”

- Prithvi, ChiChi and Papa


What is a conversion funnel?
To keep it simple, a “Conversion Funnel” is the path the customer takes to buying your product or service.

Do I need to learn how to do this?
Nope, we do everything entirely for you! No need to study up on the latest tactics, we’ve already done that. Just focus on the important things, like your business.

I already have a website.
That’s great! That’s the biggest piece of the puzzle. Now it’s just a matter of refining it and making it the best it can be!

Are websites are dying?
They aren’t dying, but the traditional way of doing them is. Traditional websites no longer convert leads to customers. A recent study showed that 96% of leads are not ready to buy when they visit your website… 96%! That’s just money in the trash. All the more reason to use a conversion funnel to help turn those leads into actual customers.

Do I have to sign a contract?
For some of our services like ‘Paid Traffic’ we only require a 3 month commitment, after that, it's just month-to-month.

How much do you charge?
Simply, it depends on your your goals. A free strategy session will get that answer for you right away.